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This Free Online introductory workshop (also known as the ‘How To Change the World With Love Workshop’) is a must for all ChangeMakers with big dreams to change the world. It will introduce you to the 3 Principles of Transformative Action which form the basis of the 

scientifically proven most effective methods

 of creating social change! This workshop is an introduction to the same class I took as a student at UCLA with Professor Scott Sherman, now Executive Director of The Transformative Action Institute. Select a time at which you want to experience this workshop now!

It’s a one-page summary of the 3 Steps to Make Change Fun and Easy. It highlights the biggest barriers that you need to be aware of, and their most effective solutions, as well as the most critical action steps and resources you need to implement each step.

Just print it out for easy access and use it to help you quickly and easily remember exactly what you must do whenever you need to implement the 3 Steps—great,

or great :)?!

Learn how to deepen your sense of confidence and trust in your ability to survive and thrive through any life challenge from a faith (in God) perspective. Note: this learning will help you, 

even if you don’t believe in the specific concept of God

 as Muslims do. This talk was designed with an interfaith audience in mind and is full of universally applicable, practical tips, tricks and techniques for you to benefit from. Good or good :)?!

The Loving Kindness Meditation is an excellent tool to transform your negative feelings and relationships. It’s a tool that has been proven effective through both scientific research as well as the spiritual wisdom of our most effective ChangeMakers. Download the bonus audio lessons on it now to learn in-depth exactly how and why it is so impactful & how you can use it to create inner peace to world peace now.

Check out the "Make Change Fun And Easy" Podcast to learn how to apply the lessons from the book in different life contexts... :)

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50% of all profits from the sale of this book go to support the work of Peace Over Violence. Learn more about it... :)

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